Values. Mission. Vision.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God, our Lord and Savior, Healer, Comforter, Provider, and Good Father. We may wrestle with feelings and thoughts, but by the end of each episode or recording, we will “land” on Biblical Truth and the confirmation that God is good. We believe that when our pain is verbalized and shared, a new type of healing can begin. The individuals involved in this podcast are what is most important to this team and mission. The people come first. Relationships come first. If something involving this podcast is causing a strain on a person, or a strain on a relationship, we will “pause,” “recollect,” and “re-set” our goal and check our motive. We believe that Biblical scripture is the foundation of Truth. The feelings we express and statements that we make will constantly be held to Biblical scripture for our standard of Truth. We believe that total healing is always possible, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We believe that sometimes healing does not happen the way we expect; that sometimes healing is a process; and that sometimes we might not even see it come to fruition on this earth. We believe that every person is on their own spiritual journey with God, and is walking out their own healing journey. We believe we can learn from each other as we listen to others’ stories, even if we do not share the same exact theology about healing. We believe there is always hope, no matter what kind of suffering. That is why we are doing this.


We will strive to provide a Biblically sound, sacred, non-judgmental, sensitive, and encouraging  space for people to share their stories, testimonies, and struggles. We will strive to empower our guests to share their stories because we believe they, and others, will learn, grow, and be healed from these stories. We will share the Gospel in our stories and how God is working in our lives, especially in our pain.


Our vision is a prayer. We pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to surround every aspect of this podcast. We pray that as our guests share their stories they will be delivered from emotional pain, loneliness, and hidden suffering. We pray that our guests will feel God’s presence with them as they share their story. We pray that guests will feel empowered and stronger after they share their story. We pray that all listeners will feel God’s presence and a sense of peace, power, and comfort as they listen to these stories. We pray that people will be delivered from depression, anxiety, and loneliness as they listen to this podcast. We pray that listeners will come to know Jesus personally after hearing the hope of the Gospel shared through these testimonies

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