Consent Form

Below are the terms of our consent form that interviewees have to agree to and sign in order to participate in this podcast.

Consent for Participation in Recorded interview

I volunteer to participate in a recorded interview conducted by __________________________ of the Pain & Perseverance Podcast team. I understand that the recording will be used as an episode of the aforementioned podcast.

1. My participation in this recording is voluntary. I understand that I will not be paid for my participation.

2. I understand that I may withdraw and discontinue participation at any time during the interview session if I feel that it is necessary. If so, my withdrawal from the interview session will protect any recorded content from being posted and will be deleted upon my request before leaving the interview session.

3. Participation involves being asked personal questions and I, in return, will release personal information about myself. I understand that I do not have to share every detail if I do not feel comfortable doing so. (i.e., full name, address, occupation, etc.)

4.  The interview will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

5. I understand that the interviewer will only address me by the name that I decide and that my confidentiality as a participant in this interview will remain as secure as I wish it to be. Subsequent uses of records and data will be subject to standard data use policies which protect the anonymity of individuals.

8. I have read and understood the vision and mission of the Pain & Perseverance Podcast that has been provided to me. I have had all my questions answered to my satisfaction, and I voluntarily agree to participate in this interview and podcast.

9. I agree to respect the values, vision, and mission of this podcast in that I will not slander, gossip, or ridicule another person in my interview. I also agree to only disclose true events and how I was affected by them. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this interview, it is understood that relational conflict may be addressed and I agree to do so in a Biblically appropriate manner.

10. The podcast is not responsible for any false accusations I could potentially make in this interview. And I understand that I will be held responsible within the terms of Defamation Law and NOT the Pain & Perseverance Podcast.

11. I have been given a copy of this consent form.

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