Episode 13: Eddy’s Story: Infertility Part 2

Who is ready for two men to talk about infertility?

Justin speaks with Eddy Theodate about his current journey through infertility alongside his wife. Eddy opens up about his struggles and disappointments along with what has gotten him through this journey so far. He also provides something very rare in our society–great advice for men regarding infertility and marriage.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

Eddy’s wife, Ashley, shared her experience in part 1.

If you and your wife are currently dealing with infertility and you have not opened up to anyone yet please find someone you trust and tell them. If possible, find someone who has experienced this for themselves and glean from their wisdom.

P_PP Instagram Image - Eddy Theodate's Story

Show Notes:

  • Eddy’s advice to men:
    • First things first, tell your wife that you are “in it” for the long run. Tell her that you are not going anywhere regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen.
    • Be more open in communication with your wife. Let her know what you’re feeling.
    • Be open with your closest friends. Having the right men in your life who can support you as you support your wife is huge!
    • Allow your wife space to process at her own speed–don’t push her in your attempt to try and fix things. Emotions are not that simple.
    • Use Active Listening with your wife as she speaks to you. You can learn more about active listening here. Implementing active listening is very unifying.
  • We Fall Down But We Get Up” by Donnie McClurkin

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