Episode 11: Rebecca’s Story: Singleness

Who’s ready to talk about Singleness? Ashley and Rebecca are!

That’s right, these wonderful ladies are back together again for this fun-filled, informal conversation about one of the most tricky/awkward topics to navigate with friends and family.

In this episode, Rebecca speaks about her experience in this area and all that she has learned. She sheds light on how we should view singleness and how we shouldn’t view it as a negative thing…especially within the Kingdom of God!

P_PP Instagram Image - Rebecca's Story 2

Show Notes:

  • The Bethany Dillon song that Rebecca references is “Say Your Name
  • Fact: “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Does not have tambourine in it. However, it is still a good song.
  • “Allow someone to have a story instead of committing ‘assume-icide’.” ~ Rebecca Chase
  • The 5 B’s (to live by)
    1. Be you
    2. Be curious
    3. Be courageous
    4. Be confident
    5. Be His
  • The name of the waiting song that Rebecca wrote is called “What Do You Do?” and it can be found here on YouTube.

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